New 2014 Styles

These styles are sure to be trendy in 2014. Are you ready to master these looks?

When it comes down to it, there are basically two kinds of blowouts: stick-straight or bouncy-wavy. This in-between style combines the best of both. Sleek from the crown to midlength with a pretty sweep at the ends, it’s polished but not too perfect. To get it, blow-dry hair straight with a boar-bristle paddle brush, then follow with a flatiron, turning it away from the face at the bottom to create soft bends. “That hint of wave gives the look an easy, effortless appeal,” says hairstylist Ken O’Rourke.

Hairstylist Guido called the ribboned hair at the Nina Ricci spring 2014 show “simple and feminine.” We call it one of the most elegant ponytails we’ve seen. Here’s how to get it: Secure a low ponytail with a black elastic, then tie a ribbon in a bow to conceal the band.

The trick to creating textured plaits like the ones at the spring 2014 Alberta Ferretti show is scrunching first: Mist volumizing spray all over damp hair, then scrunch as you blow the hair dry using a diffuser. Then curl the top layer, comb through the resulting waves with your fingers, and tease the crown before weaving a classic braid at the nape of your neck.

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