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Say Good-Bye to Bad Hair Days!

We have all had them, bad hair days are inescapable. But, depending on the kind of hair you have your bad hair day could go from uncomfortable to catastrophe real quick.

Here is a breakdown of some common bad hair day issues, and what to do about them.

1.Banish Frizz

Frizz is…annoying, to say the least. It’s noticeable and difficult to get under control for most people. If you have curly hair, the frizz can get even more intense.

How To Fix It
Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture, keep a conditioning spray available and use it to add some extra moisture throughout the day. Products like this add a bit of extra waight to the strands, so those little tiny ones can’t sit straight up, or hover above the rest of your hair.  These products can also help to reshape curls, so whether you’re naturally curly or used heat, there is a solution.

2. Find Volume.

Do you leave in the morning ready to conquer the world, but find your hair lifeless by the morning meeting?  Fortunately the fix for this is also hidden in plain sight.

How To Fix It
T this problem is simple, it just requires a bit more attention. Style your hair with a volumizing and or texturizing spray and carry it with you.

To get the long-lasting volume that you want, try styling your hair upside down. Work the product into your roots with your fingers. The extra lift will help your roots to stand slightly up and away from your scalp creating volume as well. The purpose of a texturizing product is to add more dimension to your hair, working it from your roots to mid-shaft will also help to boost your volume.

3. Do The Twist

Spending time creating  waves and curls only to see them fall can be infuriating. If you have naturally curly hair, it can be extra-irritating if they’re difficult to style.  Maybe the ringlets start strong, and then turn into crimped-looking waves.

How To Fix It
Resistance to curl or even short curl retention time is common!
Try dividing your hair down the center into 1.5-2” wide strips and curl from the center of the strand. After you release a section from the curling iron, spray with medium-hold hair spray and allow it to set.
Once you have each side curled, sprayed, and set, twist all of the hair away from the face and twirl it into a small bun. This will twist the hair in the same direction you just curled it with your iron. If you notice the curls beginning to fall out, part it down the middle again and follow the direction of the curls, twisting the sides into little buns. Give em’ a quick spritz of setting-spray or just leave them for a few minutes.

When you take them out, the curls should have more definition and volume.

Need more style help? Book an appointment with a stylist who can assess your styling needs and recommend helpful products and tips.  Want to learn more about our programs? Do it here.


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