Festival Hero: How Cosmetology School Can Help You Off the Beaten Path

The Studio Academy of Beauty provides cosmetology and esthetics training through beauty shools in phoenix, chandler, and tolleson arizona.

Chances are that you’re either considering attending a music festival this year or have already been to one.

If so, then you know how much work goes into the makeup and clothes for the experience, but have you ever thought about how the festival scene could be a lucrative option for people interested in makeup, hair, and fashion?

The Festival Scene

girls at a music festival
Music festivals aren’t a new thing, but the way they work and the preparation for them is!

With festivals like Coachella, EDC, South by Southwest, Sasquatch, and a plethora more, the opportunities are endless for beauty pros.

What opportunities are we talking about? The opportunities to style and makeup the people who attend them! We have all seen the posh Instagram stars whose festival photos are all the rage, so we know that perfect hair, makeup, and accessories are nothing to joke about. These images are inspiration for any festival goer.

But what’s the price of being a music festival icon? Simply put, the cost is high but it’s a cost people are willing to pay.

Cosmetology School and Music Festivals

When there is a special event like a wedding, graduation, or school dance, the first plans made usually involve a makeup artist or stylist.

With the growing festival scene, and the supporters who use the platform to gain traction on social media (Instagram famous anyone?), music festivals have become the next big booking opportunity for the makeup and style minded. More importantly, they have become a niche for freelancers.

Festival makeup is more involved and more intense than regular, everyday makeup. Look at this tutorial for fool-proof festival makeup to see how much work and preparation goes into creating (and maintaining) a killer look.

These looks are all about personal expression and the embodiment of this newly formed festival culture, and as a stylist you could be part of making that happen.

Becoming a licensed cosmetologist can teach you how to do more than apply makeup and style hair. You’ll learn about the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship, business management, product development and knowledge, and client retention among other things.

Find music festivals near you to see what all the hype is about! Get a feel for the culture and enjoy some killer music while you’re at it!

The Pros of The “Festival Niche”

heart shaped hands at festival

Build your book of business

Being a stylist means also having a mind for branding and marketing. Find an area that you can specialize in and then slay it! Focusing on the festival niche allows you to gain new clients and experience in a situation that isn’t high pressure. If you earn a reputation as a killer stylist, not just for the media mavens on Instagram but also for the rest of the people who want to go all-out for their music festival experience, you can create a fine-tuned business model for yourself!

Professional Exposure

For many stylists, word-of-mouth has been and still is the primary source of a lot of business. Social media has changed that dynamic because now a simple post has the potential to reach hundreds or even thousands of people at once. Those festival goers with huge social media followings could be posting pictures of your work with your name on it for potential clients to see and like, which means it gives them the chance to book with you!

New Experiences

You can learn the fundamentals in cosmetology school and practice on live models. It is a misconception that you’re just learning to work in a salon or at a counter in a department store. The idea is that you’ll take that knowledge and apply it to work that is the most satisfying to you.

That’s right, this whole career field is entirely personal and determined by you.

So, if you’ve spent time scrolling through IG double tapping on the photos that inspire you or if you love music, people, and culture, then consider taking a step behind the scenes and the chair to be the person who creates the inspiration that you see.

Can you imagine having a job that made it possible to actually get paid to go to Coachella? The Studio Academy of Beauty offers training that can prepare you for a career in the beauty industry and other fields. Find out more and start your path to being a festival hero. We have beauty school locations in Phoenix, Chandler and Tolleson, Arizona for your convenience.

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