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Salon Feature: Rolfs Salon

The Studio Academy of Beauty is a proud supporter of our local community. We often host career fairs and presentations featuring the salons in the area. We like to see our students thriving in their hometowns. This month, we wanted to feature an amazing salon in the valley: Rolfs Salon! We had the chance to interview the president of Rolfs about their history, employment requirements, and their stance on education.


Here is what President Francis Tesmer had to say about the salon’s history:

“We are the number one brand in Arizona. We have been here for about 30 years. We have four locations and one distribution center. We are known for our top education, certification, and glamour! We are in the top five salons in the valley.”

We asked her about Rolfs’ take on education in the beauty industry, and the importance they think getting an education holds.

“Rolfs is known for their education. Education and knowledge drives us. Without a good education, you won’t go anywhere, especially in this industry! Going to a great school and getting a licence is the first step to a career.”

“You have to graduate advanced classes in order to be successful in a salon. Here are the steps you should take: have passion, learn the craft, specialize in the craft, train, and continue to learn. Take this seriously.”

Francis went on to tell us about the right way to become a great hairdresser, makeup artist, or any other beauty professional.

“Hairdressing is not a job, it’s a career. You should get into this business if you have the passion, and the drive to do anything it takes to be great at what you do. Salons are a team atmosphere. You all work on the betterment of yourselves so you can better the salon so you can better the industry. You have to push to be good at learning, branding, and customer service. Here at Rolfs, our hairdressers believe that their customers come first. They are always learning the newest styles and techniques in order to be ahead of their clients, not behind.”

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Next, we asked Francis to talk about the requirements needed to work at Rolfs.

“During the interview process, we look at them as a person. How committed are you to having a long-time career? Do you love the industry? Are you a caring and empowering person? Are you a people person? Are you hardworking and ready to continue learning? Are you loyal? How long are you going to stay here? Those are the qualities we look for. Someone who is ready to dedicate their time and life to being amazing.”

“When we bring in new salon employees, we train them depending on their skills in advanced classes. These classes are made up of technique classes, but also business, customer service, consultation, and everything else they need to be great here. When they are out on the floor, they will come in once a month for more training. That is how dedicated to education we are. That is how much we value it. We spend massive amounts of time and money on bettering our employees.”

“As a salon, we don’t only encourage working on technical skills, but we also foster personal development. We look at each employee holistically. We teach health skills, finance skills, business skills, and techniques. We want them to be totally successful. If they are happy and healthy, our salon will be happy and healthy. In this industry, you have to want to better yourself so you can better the entirety of beauty.”

We admire Rolfs’ heavy focus on education and betterment in their salons. We asked Francis to share the ultimate goal that Rofls is heading toward.

“Our wish is this: when a girl or boy goes to their parents and says, “I want to be a hairdresser. I want to take my love for beauty and turn it into a successful career.” That their parents respond with: “You are going to be so successful! You are going to travel and make money and better the lives of people around you! We are so excited.” We want everyone in this industry to work toward the same goal.”

“One of the most rewarding things to hear from our employees is the success stories that defy what most people think about hairdressing. I had an employee come to me and say, “I have been here for three years, and look what I have done.” She had bought herself a brand new car. She can afford it. That brought tears to my eyes. If someone has the passion, skills, and the right attitude for customer service, they can do anything.”

We want to thank Rolfs Salon for taking them time to interview with us, but also thank them for the time they have spent here doing presentations. We have enjoyed getting to know them. If you’re interested in getting a cosmetology education in preparation for a great career like one at Rolfs, contact us or check out our program page for more information.

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