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Instagram Tips for the Modern Beauty Guru

Are you an aspiring or professional beauty guru? Whether you specialize in hair, makeup, lashes, or skincare, Instagram should be your go-to place for self-promotion. IG offers you the chance to put your work out there instantly, literally placing your work into the hands of your potential clients. If you want to tap into this social media craze, here are 5 tips to take your IG to the next level.

Consistency is Key

One of the most used study techniques in schools across the globe are flash cards. Students write them out and go over them again and again. A similar idea should be used in social media marketing. Be consistent. Repeat your info over and over again. Use your business name in your handle, make sure your name is in your bio. If you work at a salon or are at a school, use that name in there, too!

Ensure that your profile picture is recognizable and high quality. Pick a color palette to use in all of your posts. Are you all about creating neon unicorn hair? Post all of those! Are you more of a pastel color stylist? Post those instead! The more alike your posts look, the more recognizable you are across IG. Not only does this make your information easily seen and accessed, but it also makes you easier to find.

TSAOB IG profile

Interact With Your Audience

Got comments? Make sure to answer them. Respond to praise in the comments section with just a simple, “thank you!”, and answer any questions asked about your work/schedule/etc. You should also be hyper-aware of your direct messages. Potential clients may be contacting you for an appointment or for a question. The more responsive you are, the better your reputation.

interaction with IG comments

Follow Your Peers and Idols

See what everyone else is doing. This industry is competitive, but you should be encouraging those around you. We’re all in this together. Not only can you support fellow stylists, makeup artists, or estheticians, but you can also see what they’re doing. Maybe you’ve never thought of trying a new technique, and someone inspires you through their posts.

Interact with those around you! Networking is another huge element of becoming successful. The more people you know, the broader your audience and reach. You never know who’s going to become a referral!

On that note. . .

Share Your Goals

Repost hair/makeup/style goals. Repost your favorite looks from others. Ask questions, experiment, and learn. As a beauty pro, you have to be on the cutting edge, and this is a great way to keep up with the industry! Following and sharing work from fellow beauty mavens is a great way to create relationships and set personal goals.

Use Calls to Action

A call to action is a phrase used in your post to encourage your viewers to do something. Try phrases like, “Tag a friend who’d love this look!”, “Book your appointment for a new color now!”, “Like to see more of this style!”. These type of posts encourage people to interact with you if they like what you’re doing. Be aware: not every post has to have a sales pitch like “book now!”. A post can simply ask for tags or likes!

tag someone

What Are Your Favorite IG Hacks and Tips?

Make sure to share your tips and tricks with us on IG! We’re always looking for new ways to improve our social media game, so give us your best.

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