7 Easy Makeup Tutorials for Teens

See Yourself. . . Together

Moms and daughters (and sons!) all around the world share a special bond over makeup. A common rite of passage for teens is learning how to apply makeup with their mother. If you’re looking for a few styles to create together, check out these 7 easy how-to compilations.

  1. Simple Gold Shadow & A Soft Flick

  2. The muted gold tones complement any eye color, and this flick is easy for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

  3. Pink Party Shadow

  4. Summer parties are coming up, and this is the perfect subtle makeup look.

  5. Cherry & Chocolate Shadow

  6. Pink and brown are the perfect duo for brown-eyed beauties, and this look is totally easy to complete in just a few minutes.

  7. Natural Makeup

  8. If you’re looking to create a natural makeup look, this easy tutorial is sure to hit the spot.

  9. Shimmery Shadow for Blue Eyes

  10. Blue eyes are sure to pop with this shimmery, diverse look. Wear it to school or to a party on the beach!

  11. Ombre for Green Eyes

  12. A gold to brown ombre widens and brightens green eyes, and it’s simple to do!

  13. The Perfect Wing

  14. Every makeup lover must know how to accomplish a perfectly on point wing, and this tutorial has got you covered.

Which Look is Your Favorite?

Moms, daughters, and sons alike, which look is your favorite? Make sure to share what you’ve created together on our Facebook page!

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