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Makeup Hacks for Globetrotters

Do you suffer from a tough case of wanderlusting? We understand you, and we know that globetrotters such as yourself have to pack their belongings in a strategic way. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can hack your makeup for your summer adventures.

Packing Your Makeup


  • On the Plane




    1. Jessica Braun gives us the important info to use when you’re flying with makeup and other face products. There are strict guidelines on flying with liquids, so make sure you know what you need to do before you arrive at the airport.


    1. Organization

Sona Gasparian goes through her travel bag and shows us how easy it is to organize your skincare and makeup when traveling. Clear organizers can make your packing much easier!


    1. When You’re Just Taking a Carry-on

If you’re taking a small trip, you’ll want these tips from Jen. Carry-on bags are small, so you need to use all the space you can, and you’ll want to limit the amount of makeup you bring. You can check out more of Jen on her YouTube channel From Head To Toe.


    1. Miscellaneous Hacks

Candice knows how to pack! These hacks and tips will help you take the right amount of product and save you space.

Your Checklist

TSAOB - Travel Checklist

What Do You Bring?

What’s in your beauty bag when you hit the open road? Make sure to share with us on social media!

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