See Yourself Hairstyling

Many people choose to attend beauty schools or trade schools instead of four year colleges because it takes less time to get an education. Students at beauty schools don’t have to spend tons of time in general education courses that don’t relate to their chosen field. Hairstyling programs follow the same principle of giving the student exactly what they want. Focusing on your passion allows you to get started on hair without having to pay for courses in skin or nails!
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Transform your Summer Routine With These 8 Beauty Must-Haves

Whether you’re taking the summer off or just getting started on your cosmetology or esthetics training, summer is not the time to ignore your routine! You’ve really got to stay on top of your game, and there’s no better way to do that than to embrace some summer trends, new techniques, and even your own personal style. At The Studio Academy of Beauty (TSAOB) we are always encouraging our students to practice the methods and techniques they’ve learned in class. So use this 2018 summer season to hone the beauty skills you’ve learned with us, and we’ll help you get started with a list of summer beauty absolute must-haves. You can check with our one of our salons to see if you can purchase these products.
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See Yourself

The Studio Academy of Beauty strives to empower individuals to see themselves succeeding in life. That’s why it’s such an important motto for us. If you see yourself accomplishing something, you can do it! The “see yourself ____” campaign is designed so that students can fill in the blank themselves based on the dream they want to follow. We’ll highlight here some of our “see yourself” blog posts that can help you see yourself #winning in beauty!
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Military Spouses Make Great Cosmetologists

Military families live a very different lifestyle from the average American civilian household. It can be hard for family members to be serving the United States abroad for extended periods of time, leaving behind loved ones to look after each other in the meantime. Cosmetology is a flexible way for spouses at home to support their family while their enlisted sweetheart is abroad.

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All About Becoming a Laser Technician

Laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular, both as a career and as a personal service! If you’re looking for the opportunity to get started with a career in the beauty industry, becoming a certified laser technician could be the right choice for you! This course can provide the essentials for you to be a laser technician, and it can also be a great addition to an esthetics education. Either way, laser is a shorter and simpler way to get into the world of beauty! We’ll look at all of the basics you’ll need to know about getting started with your laser tech profession.
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Introducing: The Color of the Year

At The Studio Academy of Beauty, we’ve always loved the color purple. It’s even our owner Cathy‘s favorite color! We have known purple is a powerful, vibrant color all along. This year Pantone (the world-renowned authority on color), has declared ultra violet – a vibrant purple hue, as the “color of the year” and we are all for it.
Ultra violet symbolises the mysteries of the universe, the beauty of the unknown, and believing in our creativity. Now more than ever, we need new ideas, the courage to speak up, the passion to follow dreams, and the endurance to never give up. Sounds a lot like The Studio Academy of Beauty.
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