Infographic: The History of Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are a popular look for Halloween. Many makeup artists and special effects artists love to recreate their intricate designs on their clients’ faces. If you’re planning on transforming yourself into an iconic sugar skull this year, you’ve probably wondered where they originated! Read on to find out where these sweet little sugar heads came from!

Phoenix Bloggers You NEED to Follow Right Now

bloggers-in-phoenix-headerWe love local bloggers and we love local beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers even more! Here are a few of the bloggers we adore! Did your favorite make our list?

Chelsea Bird

A Phoenix, AZ local, Chelsea shares all of the adventures she has in our beautiful city (and what she wears on said adventures) on her blog, Chelsea Bird. Her cute outfits are tailored to our extreme temperatures, and are easy to recreate with articles of clothing you already have. Get ready for your newest blog addiction.

IG: @chelseabirdd
Twitter: @chelseabird
Snapchat: Chelseabirdd

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Allison Waken

Allison is a local momma with a knack for decor, DIY, and lifestyle blogging. We follow the everyday life of Allison and her cute family on her blog, All for the Memories. If you are looking for a down-to-earth how-to blog, you need to be on her subscribe list.

IG: @Allisonwaken
Twitter: @Allisonwaken
FB: h
Pinterest: h

Cailin Koy

Cailin is a beauty guru. Her blog Sassy Dove has everything from beauty product reviews, health and fitness how-tos, giveaways, fashion advice, and so much more. Before we buy any product, we consult Cailin’s blog to check for reviews! She is always posting about the most recent and trendy products.

IG: @cailinkoy
Twitter: @doveblog

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Diana Elizabeth

Diana is truly a beauty blogging icon. Her blog, Diana Elizabeth, is filled to the brim with home decor, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts. We could read what she has to say for hours on end.

IG: @dianaelizabeth_
Twitter: @dianaelizabeth_

Crystal Coons

Her blog, Sometimes Glam might mislead you. Crystal is always glam! This confident blogger shares everything beauty. We love her sassy attitude and fun posts. Crystal is always sharing the latest styles. She is what we call body positive!

IG: @sometimesglam
Twitter: @sometimesglam

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Audree Kate

Audree is a Phoenix, AZ native who has made her way in the big ol’ NYC. Audree is a fashion inspiration. Her outfits are creative, unique, and completely amazing. The best part about them is that they are often compiled of clothing coming from thrift shops, vintage stores, and low-budget shops. Anyone can replicate an Audree Kate outfit! Check out her blog Simply Audree Kate to see for yourself!

IG: @simplyaudreekate
Twitter: @simplyaudreek

Ashley LeMieux

Ashley’s love for helping others flourished during her senior year of college when she was volunteering at an inner city high school in Phoenix, AZ. She saw the students around her struggling to enter college after high school. Many of them thought they just couldn’t achieve it.
So, Ashley set out to make a change. She started her company The Shine Project. The Shine Project allows students to come after school and create jewelry. All aspects of the project, from creation to shipping, help students get scholarships for college. And to top it all off, 100% of all donations made to the project go directly to students. We think Ashley and her company are doing amazing work for the local community, and we couldn’t be prouder! Check out their blog for fun updates on how the company is doing.

IG: @theshineproject
Twitter: @theshineproject

Is your favorite Phoenix blogger missing from our list? Let us know on our Facebook!

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