Festival Hero: How Cosmetology School can help You Off the Beaten Path


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Chances are that you’re either considering attending a music festival this year, or have already been to one. If so, then you know how much work goes into the makeup and clothes for the experience, but have you ever thought … Continue reading

Is Asia the New France When it Comes to Beauty? Why are We Looking to the East for Skincare Technology?

skin-careAs we are all aware to some degree, beauty trends come and go.  A few years back, the French were in possession of the most coveted beauty products, then the Swiss and of course, the Hungarians.  More recently, the Asians hold the current secret knowledge of perfect skin.  Japanese brands such as Shiseido have been around for years and the Chinese have certainly made inroads into the Asian beauty industry.  Most recently, however, Korean beauty products have become all the rage, having been introduced into the American market by major retailers. Continue reading

3 Tips for Dealing With Clients That Have Sensitive Skin

Tips-for-Sensitive-SkinSometimes, the signs of sensitive skin in the winter season are obvious: dry, chafing, skin that even flakes when you scratch it. However, your skin doesn’t have to be red and itchy for you to be suffering from sensitive skin. People with skin issues due to allergies may just have an uncomfortable feeling, soreness, and a swelling that indicates they’ve come in contact with some allergen. In general, the top three signs of sensitive skin are: redness, itchiness, and excessive dryness to the skin. Here are a few ways to soothe your skin, while potentially eliminating triggers in your environment. Continue reading

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