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What Graduating From Beauty School Looks Like

See Yourself Graduated

Imagine yourself as a beauty school student. You’re giving it everything you have, putting your heart and soul into your education. You’re committed to enduring to the end. You are a diligent, hardworking student with a passion for what you do.

What will it look like when you cross the finish line and graduate from beauty school?

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New York Fashion Week: How Much Do You Know?

New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the beauty and fashion industry. Fashion gurus from around the globe flock to New York for this one week to get a glance into what the beauty industry will look like for the coming year. What do you know about Fashion Week? Take our quiz to test your Fashion Week knowledge.

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Quiz: College or Cosmo?

If you have been asking yourself whether you should go to a traditional four year college or cosmetology school, you’re not alone. Many cosmetology students wrestled with this question before they decided to join the ranks of the beauty industry. If you want to know whether cosmetology school or a traditional four year college is right for you, take our quiz!

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“Green” Your Beauty Routine

A green beauty routine will reduce your environmental footprint. Learn eco-friendly tips about saving water and reducing waste.

Recycle the Packaging

Shampoo and conditioner bottles, toothpaste boxes, and toilet paper rolls are all recyclable, among many other household plastics and paper. Try this Dove quiz to help you learn more about bathroom recycling, and visit Recyclebank to learn how your recycling efforts can earn you points toward rewards and discounts on groceries, entertainment and more.

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The Beauty Industry Report

“Working in the beauty industry without reading The Beauty Industry Report is like working in finance and not reading The Wall Street Journal!”

The Beauty Industry Report’s purpose is to inform, entertain and possibly provoke. The BIR is a monthly 24 page executive newsletter that focuses on key subjects and issues involving companies and people. It targets products and lines that are hot and provides information on what’s new. The BIR gives trend information on what is happening outside the core industry that affects the beauty biz. The target readers are management personnel in all segments of the industry. BIR keeps its readers up-to-date on what is REALLY HAPPENING in the pro beauty business.

Three years ago, Tom Gebhart and his team at Belson began revamping the image of its core brand, Gold ‘N Hot, and transitioned the packaging to appeal to a wider range of targeted groups. As a result, today, Gold ‘N Hot is a brand for everyone that covers every price category and every hair type. At the same time, Tom and his team have continued to develop new sub-brands to help garner a wider range of distribution. For example, at Cosmoprof North America, Belson introduced two sub brands: Carino, which is Italian inspired, and Infrared. Both sub brands offer new technology and inspirational styling.

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Holiday Makeup Trends

It is the holidays after all and a recurring trend at around this time every year is we’re allowed to go a little overboard with our makeup. Of course, we don’t expect everyyone to be walking around looking like clowns, but trends like bold tones, shimmery powders and eye-catching colors, it is a resounding yes!

Three trends in particular, and they’re super do-able, too!

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