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Quiz: College or Cosmo?

If you have been asking yourself whether you should go to a traditional four year college or cosmetology school, you’re not alone. Many cosmetology students wrestled with this question before they decided to join the ranks of the beauty industry. If you want to know whether cosmetology school or a traditional four year college is right for you, take our quiz!

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Reasons To Become An Esthetician

The 5 best reasons to become an esthetician go beyond the treatment of skin for health or beauty. Estheticians are licensed skincare specialists trained in a wide variety of procedures. This training takes less time and money than a four-year college, and, once licensed, estheticians are equipped with a wide variety of marketable skills that are growing in demand, even in a sluggish job market. Aside from an interest in skin care, beauty, and health, here are 5 reasons to consider becoming an esthetician.

Esthetician School Costs Less than College
One reason people find esthetician school attractive is that it costs less than a four-year college. Some programs include the cost of tools in their prices and others do not, so when you investigate schools in your state, be sure to ask what tuition fees include.

Job Market for Estheticians is Growing
Even in a floundering job market, the need for estheticians is on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the job outlook for estheticians is very favorable, with an expected growth of 38% between 2008 and 2018. This optimistic outlook attributes growth to the rising number of baby boomers seeking skin treatment for cosmetic as well as medical reasons. Estheticians who bring a wider range of skills to the workplace will have more job opportunities to choose from including careers as paramedical esthetician, salon esthetician, beauty editor, make-up artist and more.

Enjoy Helping People
For those who enter the field of skincare as an esthetician, it’s not all about the money, or the schooling, it’s about the people. This is a field for people who enjoy working with clients to help them look and feel better. It can be a rewarding experience and in the process a good esthetician builds relationships with return clientele and establishes repeat business.

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