Festival Hero: How Cosmetology School Can Help You Off the Beaten Path


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How Long Does Cosmetology School Take


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As you might guess, a burning question in the minds of many budding cosmetologists is “How long does cosmetology school take?”. Let’s face it, most people don’t look forward to years of classroom time and studying. If you happen to … Continue reading

READ THIS- Before Investing in Going Back to School for Beauty Education


Have you always dreamed of getting a beauty education?  If so, you’re in good company:  the beauty industry has many fulfilling careers to pursue. However, before you decide on any type of educational opportunity, it’s recommended that you ask yourself the following questions.

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Discover The Secret to Not Losing Your Day Job While You Study for a Cosmetology Career at Night

Study Cosmetology at Night

Great news! There’s absolutely no reason that a hectic schedule should prevent you from having a cosmetology career. There are several things you can do, in regard to managing your time, so you can study at night. Here are a few to consider.

Schedule Your Time

Scheduling your time is a great way to be more productive. Try to do it at least a week in advance. If possible, schedule a dedicated time to study and stick with it is much as you can. During that time, turn off your phone and any other distractions. Don’t check your email or social media accounts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can get accomplished.

Get Up Early

Getting up early typically means that you have time to get more things done. When this happens, it also means you have more time to study at night. If you’re not a morning person, you might find the transformation into an early riser slightly difficult. However, as each day goes by it will be easier to get into the groove.

Learn How to Say No

While it may be challenging, one of the most important skills you’ll need to master is the ability to say “no”. As long as it doesn’t directly involve the health and well-being of your immediate family, gently remind friends that you need time to study. Most of them will be accommodating to the situation and totally willing to spend time with you when you truly can.

Change Your Mindset

Bestselling author, Stephanie O’Dea, suggests that changing your mindset is crucial to time management. She goes on to say, “It’s the largest obstacle to overcome. If you’ve already decided you don’t have enough time in the day, you’ve already defeated yourself.”

Find Your Most Productive Time

Many people prefer studying at night, especially when it seems to be their most productive time of the day. Remember, you’re always most efficient when you’re feeling your best.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep, every night, is extremely important. Your brain needs rest to perform well. Remember, the things you don’t get done one day will still be waiting for you the next. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Looking for Quality Cosmetology Training in Evening Classes?

At The Studio Academy of Beauty, we know that many aspiring cosmetologists are already working other jobs, with dreams of starting a new career.  This is why we provide both day and evening classes, to accommodate for busy schedules, and you can start whenever you’re ready as our classes form every month.

Learn more about our cosmetology program, and schedule a tour of one of our three campuses to get a sense of the experience that awaits you.

How Cheap Cosmetology Schools Give You What You Pay For

Cheap Cosmetology Schools

Yes, at first glance, cheap cosmetology schools may seem like a wonderful idea. You’ll save money, sure. However, you’ll lose so much more in the process. Maybe even your entire investment.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for one of these less-reputable schools to close at the drop of a hat, leaving students high and dry in regards to both their tuition and their education. Two examples of this are showcased below. Continue reading

FAQs on Cosmetology School You Should Ask Instead

cosmetology school in Phoenix

When it comes to enrolling in cosmetology school, there are several questions that almost every potential student asks. Do you want more information on the subject? To help you decide whether or not the beauty industry is for you, the following FAQ covers a few of the questions you should ask before beginning a program.

1. Instead of asking “how much does it cost,” you should be asking “is everything covered by my tuition?”

Many accredited cosmetology schools offer financial aid to help students offset the cost of classes.  If you are attending a school far from your home, make sure your tuition covers room and board. Also, find out if you’ll have to pay for your own supplies and equipment, or if they will be provided.

2. Instead of asking “is beauty school easier than a traditional college degree,” you should be asking “what skills do I need before I enroll?”

Not all of your lessons will be hands-on practice. You’ll do book work at cosmetology school, just like at any other college. Study and note-taking skills are big assets in any classroom setting. Also, come prepared to explore your creative side. You’ll be learning and perfecting the skills you will need in your classes. After all, learning is what cosmetology school is all about.

3. Instead of asking “is cosmetology school boring,” you should be asking “what exciting opportunities are available to me after I graduate?”

The beauty industry offers many exciting job opportunities for the aspiring cosmetologist to choose from. For example, you could find work as a makeup artist, nail technician, fashion designer, or salon manager, according to BeautySchoolsDirectory.com.

4. Instead of asking “how much money can I make,” you should be asking “what creative ways can I build my client base?”

Obviously, it takes clients to make money. When you’re just starting out as a cosmetologist, you’re probably not going to have an overabundance of clients. It’s important to expand your network, by using any creative means possible. Examples of this could be donating your services as an auction prize or sponsoring a contest on Facebook.

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Studio Academy of Beauty for more information and to get answers to all of your questions. You’ll no doubt be surprised by the number of people who are actively enrolled in cosmetology school, BeautySchoolsDirectory.com indicates that it’s people of all ages.

Ready to Join Cosmetology School?

The beauty industry isn’t going anywhere. Why not go along for the ride. The Studio Academy of Beauty has trained countless students just like you. Our grads our out in the field right now, building amazing careers. In fact, we were recently named “Best of Our Valley” by AzFoothills.com.

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