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How Long Does Cosmetology School Take


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As you might guess, a burning question in the minds of many budding cosmetologists is “How long does cosmetology school take?”. Let’s face it, most people don’t look forward to years of classroom time and studying. If you happen to … Continue reading

How Cheap Cosmetology Schools Give You What You Pay For

Cheap Cosmetology Schools

Yes, at first glance, cheap cosmetology schools may seem like a wonderful idea. You’ll save money, sure. However, you’ll lose so much more in the process. Maybe even your entire investment.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for one of these less-reputable schools to close at the drop of a hat, leaving students high and dry in regards to both their tuition and their education. Two examples of this are showcased below. Continue reading

FAQs on Cosmetology School You Should Ask Instead

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When it comes to enrolling in cosmetology school, there are several questions that almost every potential student asks. Do you want more information on the subject? To help you decide whether or not the beauty industry is for you, the following FAQ covers a few of the questions you should ask before beginning a program.

1. Instead of asking “how much does it cost,” you should be asking “is everything covered by my tuition?”

Many accredited cosmetology schools offer financial aid to help students offset the cost of classes.  If you are attending a school far from your home, make sure your tuition covers room and board. Also, find out if you’ll have to pay for your own supplies and equipment, or if they will be provided.

2. Instead of asking “is beauty school easier than a traditional college degree,” you should be asking “what skills do I need before I enroll?”

Not all of your lessons will be hands-on practice. You’ll do book work at cosmetology school, just like at any other college. Study and note-taking skills are big assets in any classroom setting. Also, come prepared to explore your creative side. You’ll be learning and perfecting the skills you will need in your classes. After all, learning is what cosmetology school is all about.

3. Instead of asking “is cosmetology school boring,” you should be asking “what exciting opportunities are available to me after I graduate?”

The beauty industry offers many exciting job opportunities for the aspiring cosmetologist to choose from. For example, you could find work as a makeup artist, nail technician, fashion designer, or salon manager, according to

4. Instead of asking “how much money can I make,” you should be asking “what creative ways can I build my client base?”

Obviously, it takes clients to make money. When you’re just starting out as a cosmetologist, you’re probably not going to have an overabundance of clients. It’s important to expand your network, by using any creative means possible. Examples of this could be donating your services as an auction prize or sponsoring a contest on Facebook.

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Studio Academy of Beauty for more information and to get answers to all of your questions. You’ll no doubt be surprised by the number of people who are actively enrolled in cosmetology school, indicates that it’s people of all ages.

Ready to Join Cosmetology School?

The beauty industry isn’t going anywhere. Why not go along for the ride. The Studio Academy of Beauty has trained countless students just like you. Our grads our out in the field right now, building amazing careers. In fact, we were recently named “Best of Our Valley” by

Who Loves Makeup?

We all love makeup. We love to apply it, we love to look at it and we love to buy it.
All kinds, all brands, all colors.

The Studio Academy of Beauty offers the Student Professional MAC card when you start school so you can get 30% off of MAC makeup at a MAC store.

How cool is that? Did you ever think you couldn’t afford MAC makeup? Now you can. Enroll in The Studio Cosmetology or Esthetics program and you are automatically enrolled in the program.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the campus closest to you and find out how a beauty career fits into your future!

Chandler 480-857-1138. Phoenix 602-841-5993. Tolleson 623-225-9563.

2014 Styles

Few months are left till the end of 2013 and I guess it is time to preview past season trends and consider those that will continue being trendy next season too. There were so many amazing hairstyles that have become popular among celebrities, there were also some that has survived previous seasons and according to stylists’ predictions they will remain in the list of trendy hairstyles for a long time. Let’s consider some of them.
First one is surely wavy hairstyle be it long or short wavy design. The trend of previous season was natural looking hairstyles and I should say that this trend is quite strong. Women stopped spending hours by the mirror styling hair. Natural beauty is more appreciated. When it comes to wavy hairstyle there is nothing easier than creating natural waves. You can use either rollers or curling iron.

Next trend that will be included in the list of lifestyles 2014 is braided design. You may say that nothing has changed from past season and you will be partially right. Here is another approval. Ponytail hairstyle that is oh so popular among girls and women of all ages still continues to be trendy. Both simple and elegant styles are going to be hot next season. At last this list will be incomplete without collection of cute up-do hairstyles. Everything that you have worn this season will look just fantastic so never stop experimenting with new designs and stay in touch with latest trends.

Forcasting the Holidays Retail Sales

In the salon world, you have to start planning for the holidays months in advance. You have to plan product and service specials. To help you in organzing your thoughts on how much product to order, we offer you these tips to forcasting this years holdiay season.

Getting the right amount of products leading up to a promotional period is essential to maximizing your retail profits. If you don’t order enough to meet demand, you’ll lose out on sales. If you order too much, you’ll find yourself storing extra cases or slashing prices after the holidays to liquidate extra inventory.

So how do you hone in on the perfect quantity? Well, there are several methods to choose from, but experts agree that there are really only three practical ways to calculate your order quantities.

#1 – Baseline Average
This is the simplest way to calculate your order, but perhaps the least accurate. It basically looks at your average quantity your order for the period directly before your promotional period and then gives you the opportunity to top it up. This leave a lot to chance and only covers off general demand, not accounting for seasonality or trends.

#2 – Annual Average
This method is more accurate than the baseline method as it takes into account the last 52 weeks of sales, which will give you a better estimate of how much, on average, you sell of a particular product. However, it asks for all promotional uplifts to be removed from the average. So, if you ran a promotion during Mother’s Day for the same product you’d need to calculate the uplift from your average and remove that amount from quantity to get an accurate estimate. This is a bit more accurate, but it still doesn’t take into account seasonality, which was essentially averaged out.

#3 – Same Time Last Year
Typically experts agree this is the most accurate method of the three options, as it takes into account seasonality of product demand. So, you’d look at the amount you sold at the same time last year. This provides the most accurate baseline to start with and then alter as required.

Best Brow Tips

When tweezing your own eyebrows, it’s helpful to map out the hairs to be tweezed by covering them with a light application of concealer or a light-colored pencil.
■ When applying color to the brows, try focusing the application in the arch, rather than the inner portion near the nose, for a more natural-looking brow. A well-balanced eyebrow tends to be more dense in the arch.
■ Don’t underestimate the effect of brushing your brows. First brush against the hair growth to separate, then up and back toward the ear to shape.
■ For the look of bleached eyebrows, use Brow Set in a shade one or two shades lighter than your own brows. First brush the wand against the hair growth to cover the brow, and then dip the wand back into the tube and brush with the growth of hair.
■ If using both a brow pencil and Brow Set, try using a darker pencil and a lighter Brow Set for more dimension.
■ Fluid Line in an appropriate shade, like Dipdown with the 208 brush, is great to cover any scars or open areas in the eyebrow.
A light powder eye shadow color like Shroom, Rice Paper or Arena placed under the arch of the brow highlights and defines the shape.
And you can do it with more than just powder brow duos. It works just as well with brow pencils, too.