How to Build a Portfolio and Nail Your Interview

If you are getting ready to search for a job in the beauty industry, check out our infographic. It has some good tips on building a portfolio to impress your potential employers. It also gives guidance on how to nail your next job interview! You don’t want to miss out on this info.

how to build a portfolio and interview well

Now that you know more about building a portfolio and nailing your next interview, get started! Build the perfect portfolio and start lining up interviews.

If you still need your cosmetology or esthetics license, contact us. We can help you get started on your path to a career in the beauty industry!

‘Back to School’ for Parents of College Students: What’s Different?

A Whole New Back to School Routine

By the time your child graduates from high school, it’s pretty safe to say that parents have the back to school routine nailed down.
Step One: Feel overwhelmed by Target’s (way too soon) back to school ads in July.
Step Two: Get a head start on supplies and prep, just to scramble in the last week to get everything in order.
Step Three: Figure out how to convince the kids to get back into something that resembles a school-friendly sleep schedule.

The move to postsecondary education probably seems like a sigh of relief with the yearly stress of back to school season finally shifting in a more straightforward direction, but preparing students for college comes with its own set of new routines and prep work.

girl thinking about where to go to school

Choosing a School

Well, that’s new. The transition from high school means that your address doesn’t determine where students will attend school next year. Will they dive right into the job market, will they attend an in state or out of state university, or find themselves at a trade school like The Studio Academy of Beauty (TSAOB)?

Luckily, this process doesn’t have to be one that makes you want to tear your hair out. The best way to get started to schedule a tour of the school that’s piqued the student’s curiosity. If you’ve landed here, that probably means that beauty school is on your radar.

We encourage parents and students alike to reach out to us and see the wonderful facilities we have at our 3 campuses, and get more information on our curriculum, staff, and financial aid options. Speaking of financial aid…

college savings jar

Paying for Tuition

One of the single biggest adjustments parents have to make when students enter college is figuring out the financials. Once again, though, this doesn’t have to be a stressful process.

Just like most other accredited institutions, financial aid is readily available to those who qualify by applying for various scholarships, state assistance, and FAFSA. Something we pride ourselves with at TSAOB is that students and parents that are concerned with the financial burden of school have a myriad of options at their disposal; financial roadblocks shouldn’t stop students from pursuing the career training they want!

What’s more is that beauty schools like ours tend to be significantly more financially friendly than standard tuitions at traditional colleges, and our cosmetology program, for example, can be completed in 16 weeks or less depending on the schedule the student chooses, which brings us to…

girl working on her schedule

Changes to the Schedule

For 12+ years, school schedules have been roughly the same for students plus or minus an hour or so. That’s not always, or even usually, the case with postsecondary education. Class schedules change depending on the institution and program or degree of choice, and of course this is going to impact the daily routine of students and parents alike.

Especially in the world of beauty school, there is a variety of scheduling options available. Specifically, TSAOB offers both night and day schedules to our students to allow maximum flexibility, but these kinds of adjustments require a second look at the traditional routine and habits to prepare for any changes to the typical school time schedule.

Still Need Some Help?

That’s ok, most parents and students do. The transition into college is a hectic one to say the least, but we’re here to help. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always available to answer questions about enrollment, financial aid, preparation, and more!

Contact us today to learn more, or give us a call at one of our 3 campuses in Arizona!

Quiz: College or Cosmo?

If you have been asking yourself whether you should go to a traditional four year college or cosmetology school, you’re not alone. Many cosmetology students wrestled with this question before they decided to join the ranks of the beauty industry. If you want to know whether cosmetology school or a traditional four year college is right for you, take our quiz!

If cosmo school is for you, check out our cosmetology program . We can help you get started on your future as a beauty professional today. Contact us, and we can answer any questions you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Braids, Braids, Braids at New York Fashion Week

We know you love braids. Though each ‘do may seen intricate, don’t be intimidated! The pros behind the looks give you backstage advice for recreating the runway looks at home, and they share what products will help you achieve each style.

It’s important to remember, however, to take a particular style and make it your own. There’s no need to look like a runway replica. Just feel out each braid and get creative with your own interpretation. That may mean using less hair gel or omitting the last few steps to simplify. Now, choose your favorite interwoven coiff and start experimenting!

Beauty School Scholarships!

Ever thought about a career in beauty? Ten people will win a scholarship to attend cosmetology school…it could be you!

Enter now:

As a member of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, The Studio Academy of Beauty has access to beauty school scholarships. So, if you have ever thought of going to school – there is no time like the present. Learn hair, skin, nails, makeup, body treatments, waxing, styling, etc.

Choose between Cosmetology or Esthetics programs depending upon your interests.

The Studio Academy of Beauty is an award winning beauty school offering professional education and business building in the areas of hair, skin, nails and makeup. The Studio has three convenient Arizona locations in Chandler, Phoenix and Tolleson. For more information call 1-800-404-4848

New 2014 Styles

When it comes down to it, there are basically two kinds of blowouts: stick-straight or bouncy-wavy. This in-between style combines the best of both. Sleek from the crown to midlength with a pretty sweep at the ends, it’s polished but not too perfect. To get it, blow-dry hair straight with a boar-bristle paddle brush, then follow with a flatiron, turning it away from the face at the bottom to create soft bends. “That hint of wave gives the look an easy, effortless appeal,” says hairstylist Ken O’Rourke.

Hairstylist Guido called the ribboned hair at the Nina Ricci spring 2014 show “simple and feminine.” We call it one of the most elegant ponytails we’ve seen. Here’s how to get it: Secure a low ponytail with a black elastic, then tie a ribbon in a bow to conceal the band.

The trick to creating textured plaits like the ones at the spring 2014 Alberta Ferretti show is scrunching first: Mist volumizing spray all over damp hair, then scrunch as you blow the hair dry using a diffuser. Then curl the top layer, comb through the resulting waves with your fingers, and tease the crown before weaving a classic braid at the nape of your neck.

Three Beauty Trends From NY Fashion Week Spring 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week a.k.a. New York Fashion Week, is easily the highlight of September. NYFW is the event that brings all fashion obsessors together in one glorious city and we all love every second of it. You can watch the live stream of about ten different shows if you can’t be there in person.

We noticed several amazing new beauty trends! We are beyond happy to see makeup that wasn’t neon-toned, since we all know that isn’t exactly wearable for every day, no matter what magazines say.

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CHI Silk Infusion


Did you know that you can use CHI Silk Infusion for more than reconstructing your hair and calming down fly aways?

A mix of 1 part sugar and 1 part Silk Infusion creates a wonderful body scrub.

Add a few drops of Silk Infusion to your daily lotion and it adds moisture and shine with a lovely smell.

Just rub it on your elbows and heels to soften up that skin that is dry and cracked.

After applying to hair massage the left over in your hands to arms and legs to add more moisture to your skin.

Silk Infusion is one of CHI’s favorite products.
For more information on CHI product, contact The Studio Academy of Beauty at or 1-800-404-4848.

Quick Beauty Fixes for Busy Professionals

“Hectic” is a word that many professionals in the beauty industry are familiar with. Handling the variety of clientele and their unique style is one thing; but many beauty professionals and students juggle kids, work, school and other time-consuming responsibilities. So when your day has become too hectic, it’s nice to have a few “quick fix” beauty ideas to make sure you’re always representing yourself in the best possible way!


Roughly 70% of men and women report that when looking at the opposite sex they notice the eyes first. If you just left the gym, or perhaps over-slept a bit, and you need to apply makeup in a hurry, make sure that you’re accenting your eyes. A quick brush of brightly colored eye shadow, followed by mascara is all it takes to go from drabby to trendy!

Skin Tone:

If life’s become so hectic that you’re moisturizing and cleansing routine has fallen to the wayside, you may want to think about investing in a tinted foundation. The hydration is desperately needed to keep skin smooth and it also helps plump out lines. Not to mention the foundation content will at least give you a little skin color and coverage.

Dry shampoo is a life saver for those who may want to avoid oily looking locks. In addition, if your hair is starting to look frizzy and untamed you may want to try rubbing a dryer sheet on it. While it may sound silly, rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair drastically reduces humidity-related static cling, allowing fussy strands to fall right into place!


Looking for long-lasting, full lips? If you don’t have the time to fully apply your lip liner or you don’t like the long-lasting lipstick products – apply one coat of regular lipstick, then press it with a single-ply tissue and powder lightly (over the tissue) with a puff or brush. This sets the color and prevents running and feathering. For a finishing touch, dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of silver or gold lip gloss to create the illusion of fullness.Deodorant:

With these quick tips, we hope you always look you’re best – even when you don’t always have the time to dedicate to yourself!

Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner

Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner

If dry shampoo is the Batman of hair products, then dry conditioner is its Robin. Sure, dry shampoo can function on its own, but it’s a heck of a lot more effective when its partner in crime, dry conditioner, comes into the mix.

“Dry shampoo, as we know, acts as a T-zone mattifier on your scalp, soaking up any excess oil come day two or three, leaving you with more volume and lift,” says Natasha Sunshine, owner of Byuti Salon in Brentwood, CA, and color ambassador for Pureology. “But what dry conditioner — a weightless aerosol hydrating formula that contains small conditioning molecules — does is swoop in and help freshen up your hair from midshaft to ends, making that part of your hair look and feel fluffy and hydrated before you wash it again.”

So, who can use it? “It’s for the girl who has fine, medium, or thick hair whose ends tend to look a little dry after 24 hours, and wants them to look healthier instantly,” Sunshine says. “But for those who have a coarser texture or curly hair, this might not be the product for you. If that’s the case, you’ll want to go for a heavier formula, like a serum or oil to help tame and hydrate from your midshaft to ends.”

Try Devachan DevaCurl Mirror Curls Serum or Moroccan Oil. To apply dry conditioner, Sunshine says to first focus your dry shampoo on your roots and brush it through for an even application. Then, take the dry conditioner and concentrate spraying it from the midshaft (aka four inches from your roots) all the way down to your ends. Again, brushing it through. Easy, breezy, right?