how much do you know about fashion week

New York Fashion Week: How Much Do You Know?

New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the beauty and fashion industry. Fashion gurus from around the globe flock to New York for this one week to get a glance into what the beauty industry will look like for the coming year. What do you know about Fashion Week? Take our quiz to test your Fashion Week knowledge.

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Three Top Colors For 2014

Backstage at the spring runways, we learned a lot about concealer and Swarovski crystals. But amongst all the bare faces and bedazzling, we also came across a few standout new hues that we predict will be the year’s biggest trends. Read on for the products and tips to pull off 2014’s hottest makeup shades.

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Beauty School Scholarships!

Ever thought about a career in beauty? Ten people will win a scholarship to attend cosmetology school…it could be you!

Enter now:

As a member of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, The Studio Academy of Beauty has access to beauty school scholarships. So, if you have ever thought of going to school – there is no time like the present. Learn hair, skin, nails, makeup, body treatments, waxing, styling, etc.

Choose between Cosmetology or Esthetics programs depending upon your interests.

The Studio Academy of Beauty is an award winning beauty school offering professional education and business building in the areas of hair, skin, nails and makeup. The Studio has three convenient Arizona locations in Chandler, Phoenix and Tolleson. For more information call 1-800-404-4848

Holiday Makeup Trends

It is the holidays after all and a recurring trend at around this time every year is we’re allowed to go a little overboard with our makeup. Of course, we don’t expect everyyone to be walking around looking like clowns, but trends like bold tones, shimmery powders and eye-catching colors, it is a resounding yes!

Three trends in particular, and they’re super do-able, too!

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Three Beauty Trends From NY Fashion Week Spring 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week a.k.a. New York Fashion Week, is easily the highlight of September. NYFW is the event that brings all fashion obsessors together in one glorious city and we all love every second of it. You can watch the live stream of about ten different shows if you can’t be there in person.

We noticed several amazing new beauty trends! We are beyond happy to see makeup that wasn’t neon-toned, since we all know that isn’t exactly wearable for every day, no matter what magazines say.

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Top Scottsdale/Phoenix Metro Salons


Looking for a great place for your cut and color for the upcoming holidays. Here is a list of top salons and spas as voted by Mojo. As always, you can visit The Studio Academy of Beauty at any three valley locations for much more affordable beauty treatments from facials, waxing, makeup, and The Studio signature cut with color. Make time to pamper yourself as the holidays sneak up on us. Call 1-800-404-4848.

Flirt Salon
Salon 7000
Dolce Salon & Spa
Salon Tru
Scottsdale Plaza Resort
Mood Swings
Scizzors Salon
Sassoon Salon
Altered Ego
Sachi Salon

Quick Beauty Fixes for Busy Professionals

“Hectic” is a word that many professionals in the beauty industry are familiar with. Handling the variety of clientele and their unique style is one thing; but many beauty professionals and students juggle kids, work, school and other time-consuming responsibilities. So when your day has become too hectic, it’s nice to have a few “quick fix” beauty ideas to make sure you’re always representing yourself in the best possible way!


Roughly 70% of men and women report that when looking at the opposite sex they notice the eyes first. If you just left the gym, or perhaps over-slept a bit, and you need to apply makeup in a hurry, make sure that you’re accenting your eyes. A quick brush of brightly colored eye shadow, followed by mascara is all it takes to go from drabby to trendy!

Skin Tone:

If life’s become so hectic that you’re moisturizing and cleansing routine has fallen to the wayside, you may want to think about investing in a tinted foundation. The hydration is desperately needed to keep skin smooth and it also helps plump out lines. Not to mention the foundation content will at least give you a little skin color and coverage.

Dry shampoo is a life saver for those who may want to avoid oily looking locks. In addition, if your hair is starting to look frizzy and untamed you may want to try rubbing a dryer sheet on it. While it may sound silly, rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair drastically reduces humidity-related static cling, allowing fussy strands to fall right into place!


Looking for long-lasting, full lips? If you don’t have the time to fully apply your lip liner or you don’t like the long-lasting lipstick products – apply one coat of regular lipstick, then press it with a single-ply tissue and powder lightly (over the tissue) with a puff or brush. This sets the color and prevents running and feathering. For a finishing touch, dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of silver or gold lip gloss to create the illusion of fullness.Deodorant:

With these quick tips, we hope you always look you’re best – even when you don’t always have the time to dedicate to yourself!

Image Skin Care Best Eye Creams

Not all eye creams are created equal, depending on your skin type and age, you may find the one you are using isn’t working as well as you’d expect. Read on and brush up on what you need to know about eye creams.In your twenties to early thirties, you need an eye cream to support the delicate skin, keeping it healthy while diminishing the possibility of damage so you’ll look better as you age. If your skin is oily and/or your eye makeup tends to run, choose a gel formula, which is less creamy.

Try Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel, it hydrates, firms, and reduces dark circles. In your later thirties into your forties, the focus should shift to maintaining the skin structure, and combating the signs of visible aging. Products with high-grade peptides are beneficial for this age group. Try the MAX Eye Crème, which reduces fine lines and prevents cell aging. Once you hit your later forties and beyond, it’s important to look for a cream that supports tissue health, prevents further damage, and reduces the signs of visible aging. We recommend Ageless Total Eye Lift Crème. The peptide blend reduces inflammation, fine lines are visibly reduced, and dark circles are diminished. Be sure to use your eye cream twice daily for maximum results, or as directed. Choosing the appropriate cream for your age and skin type will leave you bright eyed, helping you look younger, and better rested, every day.

Who Loves Makeup?

We all love makeup. We love to apply it, we love to look at it and we love to buy it.
All kinds, all brands, all colors.

The Studio Academy of Beauty offers the Student Professional MAC card when you start school so you can get 30% off of MAC makeup at a MAC store.

How cool is that? Did you ever think you couldn’t afford MAC makeup? Now you can. Enroll in The Studio Cosmetology or Esthetics program and you are automatically enrolled in the program.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the campus closest to you and find out how a beauty career fits into your future!

Chandler 480-857-1138. Phoenix 602-841-5993. Tolleson 623-225-9563.

Makeup for Blue Eyes

It’s important to consider your eye color when deciding on shades of eye makeup. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color can look too monochromatic, so instead we’ve come up with some tips to help your natural eye color stand out. Use these tips below to decide what makeup hues work best with your eye color.

For the office, stick with eyeshadow in brown, rose, terracotta and neutral shades. Embrace the idea of purple eyeshadow to really accentuate the color of your eyes. Lavender works for daytime, while deep plum is a wonderful option for evening. For a special night out, blue-eyed women also can try metallics (both silver and gold work well), turquoise and icy pink.

For evening, dark blue mascara looks fabulous on blue eyes, especially when paired with smudged charcoal eyeliner. Try smoky eye makeup using charcoal gray or purple shadow.

“For blue eyes, choose dark blue (the dark blue tones can help to bring out the natural blue tones in your eyes), gray, silver, violet or lavender,” says SheKnows beauty expert Nina Sutton. “For night time, blue combined with black is a great look. For eyeliner or mascara, try navy instead of black for a dramatic, yet less intense look,” she says.

Cat-eye or winged eyeliner looks awesome with blue eyes. Winged liner puts all the focus on your baby blues, and looks terrific in any shade — from black to turquoise and violet to orange… yes, orange liner. A subtle, barely-winged look will work for everyday wear. But for special occasions, get dramatic with a thicker, more exaggerated line.

Tone down your lips
Emphasize your gorgeous blue eyes, whether they are pale blue or deep sapphire, by toning down your lip color. Pick a matte lipstick in a peachy brown shade or a pale pink. Bright or dark lip color will take the focus off your peepers. For your cheeks, add a light sweep of blush in a very natural hue.