9 Things Schooled Cosmetologists Know That Self-Taught Ones Don’t

Using a professional cosmetology school to become a trained makeup artist comes with a lot of perks. These perks can help you professionally and creatively be the best makeup artist you can be!

After completing cosmetology school, you will receive a cosmetology school diploma. Getting a diploma is critical for making yourself stand out in the job market!

Things Schooled Cosmetologists Learn

1. How to Fill a Resume

Salons will want to know where you did your training and who your instructor was. Learning how to craft a perfect resume is key to being a stand-out candidate at your new job after graduating cosmetology school!

2. How to Take Constructive Criticism

Learning to handle constructive criticism is an important life skill for being successful in the work force. Employers love to see candidates who are not only skilled, but teachable and are willing to work through their mistakes.

3. How to Build Your Clientele

During your time in cosmetology school, you’ll learn about managing a book of clients. Having satisfied and returning clients is critical for cosmetologists to be successful. We even facilitate this learning by letting students build their own clientele during their time at the school, and oftentimes the clients will follow the student after they graduate!

4. Professional References

When applying for cosmetology jobs, employers will often request professional references who can speak on behalf of your skills. Cosmetology school is where instructors can see you work over a long period of time, so they make fantastic job references once you’ve graduated!

5. Well-Rounded Knowledge About Cosmetology

A strong cosmetology education gives you the tools you need to provide effective individualized service to your clients. Understanding differences in hair types, skin tones, and personalities can help you to be a superstar cosmetologist.

6. Marketing Knowledge

As a professional cosmetologist, you will either own a business or work for a business. An education in the fundamentals of marketing can help bring additional success to your business, whether it’s one you own or one you work for.

7. How to Perfect Your Craft

Hands-on practice makes all the difference in the world when it comes to being a refined and practiced cosmetologist. Self-taught cosmetologists often lack the practical rigor that often comes with a formal cosmetology education.

8. How to Find Your Dream Job

Our cosmetology instructors all have jobs in the field, and they want to pass their tips and tricks to their students. Working with professional cosmetologists can help you to see what it takes to become one and give you motivation to get there!

9. Knowledge About Using Makeup Tools

Your understanding and mastery of makeup tools will make you stand out ahead of a self-taught cosmetologist. Using your tools properly is how you can get the most value out of them!

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