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5 Makeup Trends That are so Scary, You can use Them This Halloween

It’s true, the makeup industry is changing constantly. That means weird trends go in and out of fashion all the time. While some of these trends end up lasting for more than a few months, most of them sputter out in just a few weeks. Here are 5 makeup trends so scary, you can use them to complete your costume this Halloween.

1. Wavy Brows

YouTuber Tina Yong shows us just how put this trend into action. Wavy brows were all the rage on Instagram the last few weeks, and we think they fit more with a scary Halloween costume, not out and about on normal days. Even hot publications like Marie Claire tapped into this hilarious trend! What do you think of these brows?

Complementary Costumes


What better way to look like you came straight out of the pool than wavy brows? Go with the flow and turn yourself into a mermaid! Make sure to get your makeup, crown, and tail on point.

2. Knife Liner

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Feeling edgy? Try out knife liner this Halloween. You might want to practice your fine lines for this makeup trend. The horror is in the details!

Complementary Costumes

Freddy Krueger

Madeyewlook shows off her artistry with this great rendition of this classic character. Add knife liner to your Freddy costume for a whole new take on your favorite Halloween villian.

3. Full Face Highlighter

Originally this trend started out as a cool video by YouTuber Mariya, and then it turned into a platform wide challenge, as demonstrated above by Tati (AKA GlamLifeGuru). However, we think this trend is more suitable for a costume, and we have an easy suggestion for you.

Complementary Costumes

Tin Man

Highlight your face to high heaven and wear all silver to complete this metallic look.

4. Clown Contour

We know that this funny clown makeup was meant to be blended into contoured perfection, but we think you could skip the Beauty Blender and leave your clown face on. Grav3yardGirl gives you a great jumping off point with her funny makeup in the video above.

Complementary Costumes

Creepy Clown

Thanks to the newest rendition of It, by Stephen King, creepy clowns are all the rage this Halloween, and you could be one, too.

Cute Clown

Not looking to scare the pants off your neighbor kids? Try a cute clown instead.

5. Holographic Everything

Who doesn’t want to look like they came from outer space? This holo look can be manipulated to turn you into whatever Halloween creature you want.

Complementary Costumes

Holo Skull

This half skull by Bailey Van Der Veen is sure to make all your glittery holographic dreams come true.

Holo Mermaid

Looking for a more space-aged mermaid look? Try this tutorial from RhiannonClaire.

What are You Going to Be for Halloween?

Are you going to use one of these ideas? Make sure to let us know on social media! After you’ve perfected your look, share your photos with us on Facebook.

What do You Think of These Makeup Looks?

What other makeup trends do you find weird? Which of them are you interested in trying?

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