what graduating from beauty school is like

What Graduating From Beauty School Looks Like

See Yourself Graduated

Imagine yourself as a beauty school student. You’re giving it everything you have, putting your heart and soul into your education. You’re committed to enduring to the end. You are a diligent, hardworking student with a passion for what you do.

What will it look like when you cross the finish line and graduate from beauty school?

Here are a few true stories of what possibilities and rewards are out there for licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.

The Studio Academy of Beauty Graduate: Matt Sprunk

the studio academy of beauty graduate matt sprunk
Matt has always had a great eye for style, fashion, and beauty. He was one of those students who had a positive attitude that was contagious and lifted everyone else up. Matt loved seeing the results of his work and the reactions of clients when he finished with them.

We asked Matt about his experience at TSAOB Tolleson and he told us, “All of the staff was always so nice, friendly, and willing to help me with anything. They would bring me into the office a few times out of the year to check up on me and made sure I was on track to graduate on time. They wanted me to succeed.”

We’re glad to hear you got this vibe, Matt. Our main desire is that our students have a great experience at TSAOB and succeed after graduating. We want our students to feel like they can come to us and ask for help whether it’s on a complex coloring technique or something in life that is holding them back from being their best self.

Something else that we take great pride in at TSAOB is our educators. We only bring on educators who are passionate about what they do and love helping students. We asked Matt about his educator and he told us, “Ms. Nancy was my teacher. She was the best ever and wanted all of her students to do their best. She helped me so much and made sure I was prepared to pass my state boards exams after graduation!”

Where is Matt Now?

Matt graduated and got his cosmetology license. We miss him on campus, but are happy to report that he is working in the industry and loving every minute of it. Matt is a perfect example of what it means to finish strong and start living the dream. Way to go Matt!

The Studio Academy of Beauty Graduate: Garth Shineman

studio academy of beauty graduate garth shineman
Garth Shineman was a student at our Phoenix campus. Garth started out as the kind of student who was hesitant about pursuing a career in the beauty industry because of the many stereotypes. He ended up making the leap, enrolling in cosmetology school, and hasn’t looked back since.

We wanted to find out how Garth felt about his educational experience. He told us, “Due to the education that I received from The Studio Academy of Beauty, I can honestly say that I am so happy that I made the decision to do something that I was always too afraid to do. So thanks The Studio Academy of Beauty for showing me that [I can be] confident in [the] skills and the training I’ve received.”

We try to create an environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and a place where they can be creative. We are glad that we were able to do this for Garth. Helping someone overcome their fears and helping them take the leap to following their dreams is always a rewarding experience. Thanks for choosing us Garth!

Where is Garth Now?

“Since graduating from The Studio Academy of Beauty, I went to work for IN STYLE Salon at JC Penney. I have been working with my clients for 6 months now and I’m starting to see really great results in my progress as an employee and a cosmetologist.”

Sounds like Garth found a great place to start in the beauty industry and is continuing to learn and grow not only as a beauty professional but as a person. Keep it up Garth!

What It Feels Like to Finish Beauty School

Matt and Garth are great examples of what it looks like to pursue your passion. The feeling that comes when you finish beauty school and start working in an industry that you love can be amazing! People like Matt and Garth aren’t satisfied with the ordinary job. These types of people need a career that gets them excited to go to work everyday.

Are you looking for a career that you can be passionate about? Contact us and check out our programs. If you love fashion, beauty, art, and being creative the beauty industry might be a perfect fit for you! You can get more ideas and inspiration for starting beauty school at our “See Yourself” blog!

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