owner of the studio academy of beauty cathy koluch

Meet the Owner: Cathy Koluch

Behind every great beauty school is an amazing leader. For us at The Studio Academy of Beauty, that leader is Cathy Koluch.

What makes Cathy such an awesome leader?


owner of the studio academy of beauty
Education has been the name of the game for Cathy. She’s been working in the education world since 1989. During that time she has been getting experience and figuring out new ways to help students succeed. It also helped her gain the knowledge that helps her manage all the different pieces that go into making a school amazing!

Running a beauty school isn’t the only thing that Cathy’s experience helps with. Students also benefit directly from her business and education knowledge. Cathy teaches her students some of the things she’s learned along the way to help prepare them for careers in the beauty industry. She loves teaching her students the business side of beauty and giving them the tools they need to become true professionals.


Experience goes a long way, but for beauty school owners like Cathy to be successful they need to have a burning passion for what they do. Cathy is second to none in this area. She lives to see students thrive at TSAOB and loves to watch them succeed after graduating.

“My favorite thing is helping people that have a dream of a career that they want. I love helping them reach it, coaching them through the process, and then seeing them graduate and fulfill their goals. I know sending them off to have those careers can change their lives, their children’s lives, and their family’s life.”
-Cathy Koluch

This desire to help change the future for her students is what sets Cathy, and TSAOB, apart.

cathy koluch with a group of students


When asked what the hardest part of being a beauty school owner was Cathy said, “These students are like my children. When I see them go through struggles, I want to take all that away so they can just focus on their education and not be distracted and fulfill their dreams. The hardest part for me is seeing any of my students struggling.”

Cathy cares so much about her students and wants to do everything she can to clear the path to success for them. Cathy said, “we work hard to provide resources, coaching, mentoring, and help for all the various issues that come up while students are in school.”


As a beauty school owner, Cathy is determined to create a culture and atmosphere that inspires students. She also wants her students to learn the importance of determination and willpower. Cathy always tells her students that everything worthwhile is hard and that they should never give up on their dreams! When students embrace this attitude it can help them find great success no matter where they end up.

Become Part of the Family

If you’re ready to start building your career in the beauty industry, request more information about TSAOB. You can talk to our admissions staff and schedule a time to come see one of our campuses. When you’re here, you’ll feel the difference in the culture and atmosphere that Cathy has worked so hard to create. We can’t wait to meet you and help you get started on your journey to a new career.

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