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Working in the Beauty Industry: A Long Time Dream Come True

See Yourself Fulfilled

Many people spend a lifetime chasing a dream. They wish they could do what they love for a living but have a hard time making that happen. Building a career in something that excites you and makes you happy can be a game changer!

The beauty industry is home to many brave souls who decided to follow their passion. You can ask many of them about their jobs and they’ll give you a million different reasons why they love it!

At The Studio Academy of Beauty, we have students and graduates who chose to come here for this very reason. They want to wake up every morning excited about going to work instead of dreading it. Carrie Skiba is one of our graduates that falls into this boat.

Carrie Skiba

Meet Carrie Skiba

Carrie is a mother, wife, and now a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. While growing up Carrie used her two younger sisters as “guinea pigs.” She would style their hair for them whether they liked it or not. When she was a teenager, Carrie would save her babysitting money and use it to buy hair color to use with her friends. Beauty and fashion has been in Carrie’s blood from the beginning!

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

Throughout her life Carrie has always contemplated what she would want to do professionally. “I worked off and on at full-time and part-time jobs making sure that my husband received the schooling he needed. While [my husband completed] three degrees and while we were raising our four children, I kind of lost myself. Every couple of years I would look into going back to school and somehow managed to always end up looking at cosmetology schools.”

How Can I Fit School Into My Schedule?

It’s no surprise that with a husband in school, four kids, and work that Carrie didn’t have much spare time. She wanted to go to cosmetology school, but couldn’t fit it into her busy schedule. Carrie’s schedule was so busy that she would always talk herself out of going to beauty school.

It wasn’t until her youngest child went to kindergarten that Carrie took the initiative to schedule a tour.

cosmetologist styling hair for client

I Can Do This!

Carrie said, “Even though all my fears about school were still there I started setting up tours of schools. Once I found [TSAOB] I enrolled immediately!” After taking a tour, Carrie realized that beauty school was possible for her after all. With resources like flexible class schedules, financial aid, and convenient campus locations, an education in beauty is possible for anyone. For Carrie it was simply a matter of replacing her fear with confidence. Taking a tour of the right school is all it took to do that.

How Do I Succeed in Beauty School?

Once Carrie decided to let her passion for beauty guide her, the rest came naturally. She worked hard and took advantage of every minute in school. She even went above and beyond by getting licensure in both cosmetology and esthetics. Carrie is now qualified to work almost anywhere in the beauty industry doing a very wide variety of services.

When asked about her time at TSAOB Carrie said, “I made the decision to give it my all. After all, you get what you put into your schooling. I wanted to learn as much as I could, receive good grades, pass the state boards, and work in a salon that I love. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. I learned so much, made good friends, and passed the state boards for both esthetics and cosmetology. The study and work habits that I fostered in school have become my study and work ethics in my career. I love that I am still learning and growing.”

When you go into beauty school with the hard work, dedication, and great attitude that Carrie had, you’re bound to have huge success!

Follow Your Passion

Carrie is a great example of what the road to becoming a beauty pro looks like. She always had a passion for being creative and making people feel beautiful. She always gravitated toward beauty school. When thinking about what career path she wanted to take, the beauty industry is what came to mind.

Even though Carrie knew that the beauty industry was where she belonged, fear of the unknown held her back. For Carrie and many others, it takes the initiative of taking that first step – calling a school or scheduling a tour. Once they do this, they realize that beauty school is possible. It’s not only possible, but it’s a perfect fit!

Find Your Fit

If you’re like Carrie and have been thinking about a beauty education for years, take the first step. Contact us today! You can schedule a tour of your campus and learn more about how to fit beauty school into your life. We can’t wait to meet you!

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