Military Spouses Make Great Cosmetologists

Military families live a very different lifestyle from the average American civilian household. It can be hard for family members to be serving the United States abroad for extended periods of time, leaving behind loved ones to look after each other in the meantime. Cosmetology is a flexible way for spouses at home to support their family while their enlisted sweetheart is abroad.

Work Anywhere

Relocation can feel like an inevitability in a military family. While some families have to relocate more than others, it’s smart for the spouse to have an education or training that can assist the family regardless of where they might have to move. If there are people in your area, odds are good they will need haircuts! If you anticipate that you’ll be moving between bases regularly, it’s good to check what each state requires for cosmetology licensure. The good news is that can be easy to license in a new state once you’ve successfully licensed in another!

The GI Bill

The GI Bill is a wonderful tool to help fund your cosmetology education. This can give your family thez financial breathing room it needs for you to get the training you need. Not only will your education be more affordable, but you could graduate your cosmetology program debt-free and ready to begin working!

Choose Your Schedule

The daily life of a military spouse can be demanding, so having a flexible work schedule can help you stay on top of all your priorities. If you want to work at a salon, for example, you can choose to work daytimes, evenings, or weekends to suit your schedule. If you provide services as your own business, you can choose exactly when to book appointments to fit your hectic schedule! No matter what your schedule is like, a cosmetology education can help you have the flexibility you need to provide for your family and handle everything else at the same time!

Options After Service

Once your spouse finishes their military service, you might be wondering, “What next?” An education in cosmetology can help you be prepared for life after military service. Maybe you don’t want or need to work while your spouse is deployed, but you want to use the education afterwards to open your own salon together when they return. Having that education can provide you opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise! If you are the one returning from service in the military, cosmetology can be a great career to pursue because it allows you to continue to work in an environment where you’re surrounded by a community of people who care!

Personal Development

If you are at home while your spouse is abroad and your obligations are minimal, cosmetology school can help you keep busy and active by developing yourself. It can be hard to push yourself without your loved one at home, so beauty school is a suitable way to give yourself a structure and system to follow for personal advancement. Not only can you grow your skillset and understanding related to cosmetology, but you can learn so many more unexpected things!

Enlist at The Studio Academy of Beauty

Are you ready to go from combat boots to cosmo beautes? The Studio Academy of Beauty is ready and excited to help you along your journey to becoming a professional cosmetologist. Contact us to find out more about our programs so we can find the right one for you! If you are stationed near Luke Air Force Base, our Tolleson and Phoenix locations could be close to you!

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