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The Studio Academy of Beauty strives to empower individuals to see themselves succeeding in life. That’s why it’s such an important motto for us. If you see yourself accomplishing something, you can do it! The “see yourself ____” campaign is designed so that students can fill in the blank themselves based on the dream they want to follow. We’ll highlight here some of our “see yourself” blog posts that can help you see yourself #winning in beauty!

See Yourself Going Back to School

woman wearing backpack

Whether you’ve been out of school for the summer or for several years, it’s never too late to go back to school! We know the process can be intimidating. We want to help you get started on the path to your future. This “See Yourself Going Back to School” blog outlines the steps you should take to get started.

See Yourself Back in School

two friends looking at hair colors

Have you been out of school for a little while? That’s okay! Beauty school is an exciting hands-on way to learn. Being nervous about your first day of school all over again is completely normal. Our “See Yourself Back in School” blog can give you a handful of helpful tips for you to be a rockstar student!

See Yourself Hairstyling

Do you have an interest in hair, but not makeup, skin, or nails? Our hairstylist program may be perfect for you! Learn hair cutting and styling techniques. Don’t worry about makeup, skin, or nails. Spend less time in school and more time doing what you love. Take a look at this “See Yourself Hairstyling” blog to learn some of the advantages to getting an education in hairstyling.

See Yourself as a Makeup Artist

avant garde makeup

Are you trying to figure out if makeup artistry is for you? This “See Yourself as a Makeup Artist” blog goes over some of the key traits for people who might be interested in learning makeup. If you line up with one or more of these characteristics, then makeup artistry might be right for you!

See Yourself Graduating From Beauty School

the studio academy of beauty graduate matt sprunk

Graduating beauty school is just the beginning of what can be an exciting new journey! Our “See Yourself Graduated” blog gives you the chance to learn more about two of our alumni who graduated from The Studio Academy of Beauty and have started successful careers of their own afterwards!

See Yourself in Beauty

cosmetologist working in salon

So you’ve finished cosmetology school, what comes next? There are many opportunities you can take advantage of, and the “See Yourself Working” blog post highlights some of the most common ones. Take some of these pointers and plan out how you want to build out your beauty career!

See Yourself Succeed

how to build a portfolio and interview well

Job interviews can be an intimidating process, especially if you haven’t practiced much. Our “See Yourself Succeed” infographic outlines a number of ways for you to crush job interviews and snatch job opportunities once you’ve finished beauty school. We strive to prepare our students to be professionally successful!

See Yourself Fulfilled

Carrie Skiba
Are you still unsure of how a beauty school education can help you follow your dreams? Our “See Yourself Fulfilled” blog post covers an interview we did with one of our alumni, Carrie Skiba, and how she was able to make her dreams a reality! She’s an inspiration to us, and we hope she can inspire you as well!

See Yourself at TSAOB

Are you ready to learn more about how beauty school can change your life? See yourself taking the first step towards a new future. Reach out to us for more information on how to get started at TSAOB!

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