Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Programs

The Studio Academy of Beauty has recently launched two new programs, and we get lots of questions about them! Our hair stylist and educator programs are new ways that you can either begin your professional beauty journey or take it to the next level! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our new programs:

Hairstyling Program

What is the difference between the hair styling and cosmetology programs at TSAOB?

Our cosmetology program is a broad, full-length program that teaches hair, skin, and nails in great enough depth that our students can graduate and start working in any of those areas. Our hair styling program has an emphasis in hair only, making it a great option for students who aren’t interested in learning skin or nails. It costs less money than our cosmetology program, and the students tend to graduate much sooner as well!

Does the hair styling program have similar financial aid options as the cosmetology program?

TSAOB is unique compared to all other beauty schools in Arizona because we’re the only beauty school that provides an accredited hair styling program with financial aid options for qualifying students! If you’re not sure about financial aid or if you’re eligible for it, contact us and our admissions representative can help answer your questions!

Why would I choose hairstyling instead of cosmetology?

There are many reasons you could choose hairstyling! Some people know that hair is all they want to work with after graduation, so they feel like they wouldn’t use the skin or nails education. You can also graduate and start working faster, which is a great fit for people are looking to start making money right away!

Would I have a disadvantage as a hair stylist compared to a cosmetologist?

Just like with any other education, you get out of hair styling and cosmetology what you put into it. Hair stylists and cosmetologists both have the opportunity to learn the same things about hair during their programs, but cosmetologists have the opportunity to learn additional services that clients may request. Hair stylists can differentiate themselves by becoming specialists in different cuts, colors, or styles with a greater level of expertise. Work hard, continue to develop your skills, and the competition can be no match for you!

Educator Program

What are the requirements to enroll in the educator program?

Students who want to enroll in this program need to be licensed cosmetologists, hair stylists, or estheticians with one year of documented work experience. We require the work experience because we want our future students to learn from instructors who have had a chance to develop hands-on skills as beauty professionals!

What can I learn in the educator program?

Our educator curriculum covers the fundamentals of teaching, advanced teaching methodologies, testing & evaluations, and practical application sections. The program is less focussed on cosmetology, esthetics, or nails, and focused much more on how to actually teach.

Can I enroll in the educator program even if I don’t have teaching experience?

Absolutely! The program is designed to take beauty professionals and help them develop into teachers and educators. Teaching experience isn’t required, but we’ve found that students fare better in the program if they have some experience talking in front of people, solving problems, and working with people. If you have some of those traits, you can become an excellent beauty educator!

What careers options do I have after I’ve completed the beauty educator program?

The program is specifically designed to prepare you to teach cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, or other beauty programs. It can help you develop a skill set that goes with you the rest of your life. Most people choose this program because they plan to become beauty school instructors, but some people eventually become managers or business owners, or will use the skills with their children and family. Learning to be a teacher is one of the best ways you can help other people around you!

Learn With TSAOB

We’ve put together these new programs for our students because we see the tremendous potential that they all have. We want to be able to help our students to develop themselves and build careers that they love and are passionate about. If you love all things hair, our hair styling program could be the perfect choice for you! If you’re more excited about teaching opportunities with students in cosmetology or esthetics classes, our educator program can help you get there! Reach out to us for more information on how you can change your life!

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