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Many people choose to attend beauty schools or trade schools instead of four year colleges because it takes less time to get an education. Students at beauty schools don’t have to spend tons of time in general education courses that don’t relate to their chosen field. Hairstyling programs follow the same principle of giving the student exactly what they want. Focusing on your passion allows you to get started on hair without having to pay for courses in skin or nails!

Learning Hair

The hairstylist program at TSAOB is centered on learning all of the latest styling and cutting techniques for all of the hottest styles! You can learn how to cut hair of all lengths for both men and women. We strive to teach about tools and principles to help your client look their best, such as face framing or which tool is the right one for the job. Our program teaches about different hair types and chemistry so you can make the right decisions for the perfect outcome. You can also learn all about how to relax ethnic hair, perform smooth-down treatments, and create the perfect curly perm!

Save Money

Regardless of the program they’ve chosen, students are often concerned with how they can pay for their education, and hairstyling is no exception. The good news with a hairstyling program is that it costs much less than a full cosmetology program because you don’t have to pay to learn skin and nails! Not only that, TSAOB one of the only schools in Arizona that offers a licensed hairstyling program with approved financial aid options! Providing financial aid options to our students is important to us because we don’t want finances to hold anyone back from pursuing their passions!

Start Working

One of the biggest advantages of choosing hairstyling instead of cosmetology is that you can start building a career much sooner! Our cosmetology program takes roughly 1600 hours, and our hairstyling program takes 1000 hours to complete. That’s 600 hours of school that you don’t have to spend time or money on! You could graduate in much less time and start working as a hairstylist in salons or spas. If you have dreams of opening your own salon, starting your own product line, or anything else, this is a great way for you to reach your goals faster and stay focused on what interests you!

Get Started Today

If you’re interested in styling hair but aren’t interested in learning skin or nails, our brand new hairstyling program could be perfect for you! Visit our hairstylist program page to learn more about what you can learn with us. See yourself at The Studio Academy of Beauty. Get started on your future today!

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