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What Do Phoenix-Area Beauty Businesses Think About TSAOB?

We had the special opportunity to reach out to some of the local salons, spas, and other beauty businesses in the Phoenix area to ask them about how our graduates are doing, and we wanted to share what they had to say! Some of these businesses have already been featured on our business reviews page, so we wanted to get more details on what they love about our students. All of these businesses are important to our local community. Many of our students could choose to advance their careers at these places, so be sure to keep up with what they’re doing!

Studio 602 Beauty Salon

Studio 602 Beauty Salon is located at 4220 W. Northern Ave #114 in Phoenix, Arizona. This lovely salon is still brand new since it opened only in the last year. The owner, Tammy Young, has the kindest things to say about The Studio Academy of Beauty graduates that have worked in her salon:

”I love your graduates. When they come, they’re well-trained. They step into the shop and they perform any hairstyle that’s needed. They come prepared with their tools, scissors, and hair dryers too. They come prepared!”

That’s the sort of thing we love to hear! Places like Studio 602 Beauty Salon are build on dreams and hard work, and that’s what why they’re an important part of the community. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to be updated on all of their latest employment opportunities and service specials. You can also reach them at 602-500-2952 to ask about opportunities or to set up a service appointment.

Amazing Lash Studio

Do you have an everlasting love for luscious lashes? Amazing Lash Studio is another local business that hires TSAOB graduates and is an awesome place to be! Eyelash extensions have become popular enough that cosmetologists are able to dedicate their careers to creating perfect sets of lashes. Margie Bahm, an Amazing Lash Studio franchise owner, had this to say about her TSAOB graduates:

“I have three or four [TSAOB graduates], and they’re all outstanding. They are amazing team players. They are also very mature and very passionate as well in their love for beauty. There’s no drama at all; they are responsible and professional. They want to work with everybody.”

Margie’s franchise is located at 24870 Lake Pleasant Pkwy Suite C-102 Peoria, Arizona, and there are many other Amazing Lash Studios throughout the greater Phoenix area. Follow the Peoria location’s Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up with all the latest lash magic! If you’re interested in getting a lash extension for yourself, you can also call them at (623) 266-1036.


Supercuts is a huge name across the country, so it’s little surprise our students make their way into the franchise! With over 2,400 locations nationwide, it’s easy for beauty pros to get their start at a Supercuts. Lisa Borrowdale manages eight Supercuts locations here in Arizona, and told us about her unique experience with her TSAOB graduate:

”The [TSAOB] students are always very excited to learn. Their level of professionalism has been great as well. Right now we have another stylist that was having difficulty passing the state board from another school. I called Cassie, my current TSAOB graduate who passed recently, and asked her to spend a few hours with this other girl. She’s not getting compensated, she’s just willing to help and has been really wonderful.”

Hearing experiences like this makes us so proud of our students! They do such incredible things that we are often left in awe. Visit the Supercuts website to learn about career opportunities, and follow the Supercuts Facebook and Instagram pages to keep an eye on promotions and opportunities!


CosmoProf is one of the biggest names in the beauty supply industry, so we were thrilled to be able to talk to someone at the one located in Glendale, Arizona. Kara was able to tell us her favorite things about the TSAOB graduate she’s worked with at CosmoProf:

”Adrianna is awesome! She is well put together, she’s very courteous with the customers and me as well. She takes direction really well, and she’s just extremely respectful. Anything I ask her to do she does it. The biggest thing I notice is she has a smile on her face all the time. She comes in to work and you’d never know if anything was wrong. She’s always beaming; it’s constant throughout the day. It’s so easy to rely on her and if I ask her to do something I know it’s going to be done quickly and correctly.”

Kara has visited the school before for career events and demonstrations, and she explains that the environment is unique and positive:

”Every time we’re at TSAOB, it seems like everyone is happy to be there and is very positive. It makes the students want to come back to school when the students are ready to learn.”

CosmoProf has locations all over the country, so it’s a good idea to keep it on your radar. Kara works at the one located at 5930 W Greenway #25 & 26A Glendale, Arizona. To keep up on what Kara’s location is up to, follow them on Instagram, or call them for more information about products or career opportunities at (602) 843-9078.

Learn Beauty With The Studio Academy of Beauty

Do you want to become a cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician that beauty business owners love? TSAOB can help prepare you to become a talented beauty professional. Contact us for more information on how you can transform your life!

To see more reviews from businesses in the Phoenix area about The Studio Academy of Beauty, read our recent blog about what they had to say!

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