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Last month we had the opportunity to talk briefly with Cary Underwood, the regional director of recruiting for Massage Envy here in Arizona. She visits the three TSAOB locations regularly for events and career fairs because she hires students out of the schools regularly! If you are already thinking about your career as an esthetician, Massage Envy could be the ideal place for you to keep in mind.

About Cary & Massage Envy

Massage Envy is a health and wellness franchise that focuses on massage, esthetic, and stretching services for all-around wellness. Clients sign up for monthly memberships that give them monthly services, discounts, and other benefits. The membership system is helpful and unique in particular because it encourages clients to continuously return for additional services. Members also receive extra benefits and services by referring friends and family to Massage Envy, making it easy to get new clients. It’s a great system for building a book of clients that continually returns for services!

Cary Underwood does hiring for all 39 Massage Envy locations in Arizona, including the seven located in Phoenix alone. Massage Envy is the largest employer of massage therapists and estheticians in the United States, so it’s a big deal to have such a great relationship with Cary and the company. We get the privilege of hosting career fairs and other events with Massage Envy so our students can start networking with a potential employer before they’ve even graduated.

What Employers Look For in Estheticians

When it comes to hiring estheticians for the Massage Envy locations she manages, Cary looks for passion above everything else. It’s important for estheticians to love what they do and be open and communicative with their clients and employer.

”We really do look for passion. I know the esthetics curriculum and what students are taught. We’re looking for that student that is so passionate and ready to learn.”

That passion is why many people choose to become estheticians in the first place, they want to help other people look and feel their best. If you are dedicated to learning and have a passion for helping others, esthetics could be your future calling!

To stay up to date with what Massage Envy is doing, visit their website. You can also follow Massage Envy on Instagram or Facebook!

How to Prepare Now

To become an esthetician at Massage Envy, you need to complete an esthetics program and pass the licensing exam. The esthetics program at TSAOB is designed to give you a foundation to become a talented esthetician. It is also designed to prepare you to sit for the licensing exam. If you bring the passion and drive to help other people, you can have everything you need to become an outstanding esthetician!

Prepare With TSAOB

If you want to work at Massage Envy, or a place like it, TSAOB can help you get your start! Our esthetics program can teach you the essentials to becoming a skilled esthetician. Contact us at any of our campuses in Tolleson, Phoenix, or Chandler Arizona to learn more!

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