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See Yourself Uplifting Others

We hear a common theme when we ask our students why they chose to pursue a career in beauty. Many of them have a passion for helping people. They want to make others feel beautiful. The main goals of cosmetology, hairstyling, and esthetics are to help people look and feel good. Beauty professionals spend their days uplifting others by building trusting relationships, boosting self esteem, and empowering people. Can you see yourself uplifting others as a beauty professional?

1) Build Trusting Relationships

Working as a stylist, you interact with many different people. Clients sit in your chair for hours at a time and talk to you. You build trust and really get to know your clients on a personal level. They tell you about their lives, their troubles, their success. They come to you for advice and to share their secrets. You become a “thera-stylist” and are given the opportunity to let people get things off their chest that could be troubling them. Sharing these personal experiences brings you close to your clients. Many stylists become friends with their clients. When clients (and friends) leave the salon you want them to feel beautiful and trouble-free.

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2) Boosting Self Esteem

Hair and makeup have an impact on how people see themselves. Styling hair and doing makeup for people and having them tell you they feel beautiful is the best feeling. Knowing you have the ability to boost someone’s self esteem is so rewarding. It can be anything from a fresh cut and color to applying hair extensions for people with alopecia and doing makeup for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Whether it’s big or small, creating looks to help people feel beautiful is rewarding work. Seeing people smile at themselves in the mirror and not want to look away brings a smile to your face. In those moments you know you helped someone boost their self esteem and that is a fulfilling way to spend your days.

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3) Educating and Empowering

Stylists introduce their clients to the beauty world. Getting hair and makeup done can be an empowering and educating experience. As a makeup artist or hairstylist, you listen to what your client wants and use your skills to transform their look. People should leave salons, or student salons* in our case, feeling great about themselves and empowered to take control of their look. As a stylist, you can also educate your clients. When you are styling hair and applying makeup, you can teach your client how to do these styles on themselves. Educating clients to be able to style their own hair and makeup is empowering.

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See Yourself Uplifting Others

Now it’s your turn. Do you have a passion for uplifting others? Can you see yourself hairstyling, cutting and coloring hair to help clients achieve their perfect look? Can you see yourself as a makeup artist doing makeup for events, photoshoots, and every day looks that will leave clients wanting to look in the mirror all day? We want to help you see yourself working in the beauty industry.

At The Studio Academy of Beauty, we believe that you should “see yourself” doing what you love. Whether you want to see yourself helping others, see yourself building businesses, or see yourself creating art, you can see yourself doing anything! We are dedicated to helping our students accomplish their goals and reach their dreams. Check out the programs we offer and contact us to schedule your tour!

*All Services Performed By Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.

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