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See Yourself Changing Careers

You spend the majority of your time at your job, you want to make sure you’re doing something you enjoy. Are you? A recent survey showed that nearly one in three employed professionals are actively looking for new work. Everyone has something they are passionate about. Remember being a little kid and people asking you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Think about what your answer was back then. Does that dream job still resonate with your passion today? Are you in the job field you want to be in?

According to research conducted by the University of Phoenix, only 14 percent of U.S. workers think they have the perfect job. That means roughly 75 percent of the U.S. workforce thinks their job is not perfect for them. You don’t want to be one of those people. You want to enjoy your job. It’s never too late to see yourself changing careers. We know it’s not an easy decision to make. You have questions, and we’re here to help answer them.

Should I Change Careers?

You deserve to be happy at work. Here at The Studio Academy of Beauty (TSAOB), we get many students that are career changers. Some of our students woke up one day and realized they weren’t happy with their jobs. They wanted to pursue what they were passionate about. Beauty.

Changing careers to enter the beauty industry can be a great decision. A career in beauty can be flexible, creative, rewarding, fulfilling, and uplifting. As a cosmetologist, esthetician, or hairstylist, you have the opportunity to set your own schedule, showcase your creative side, and help others feel beautiful. Many beauty professionals choose to work nights and weekends or only during the day. The freedom to choose schedules is just one of the many appealing qualities of a career in beauty. This industry also provides opportunities to express creativity through makeup artistry and hair styling. A creative career provides something that many careers do not, the ability to uplift others and empower them to feel beautiful and confident.

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Was My Time Spent at My Old Career Wasted?

This is a question all career changers have. Whether you spent six months or six years at your career, you wonder if you wasted time. You didn’t.

No matter what career you’re coming from, you learned valuable skills that can be utilized in the beauty industry. Did you have an office job? Then you have most likely learned how to manage your time well, stay organized, and prioritize. Did you work in retail? You probably gained valuable customer service experience. Did you work in marketing? You likely learned techniques to build brand awareness and excel at social media.

Working in beauty can mean creating your own schedule, working with people, and building your own brand. Plus, being part of the job market means you had to learn to market yourself in order to be hired. This is valuable in itself. Part of succeeding in a beauty career is building a portfolio, creating a resume, and selling yourself in an interview. If you learned any or all of these valuable skills, your time was not wasted.

Am I Too Old for Beauty School?

You are never too old to follow your dreams. If beauty is something you are passionate about, it is worth pursuing. If you’re not straight out of high school, you may worry you are not up-to-date with the latest trends in beauty. Maybe you aren’t familiar with social media. We’re here to tell you that’s okay. Skills can be taught, passion cannot. You can learn the techniques, the trends, the trade. Going back to school can provide you with valuable knowledge and skills that will help you pursue a career that you’re passionate about.

Our programs incorporate the latest trends and provide practical business skills. No matter your age, your passion is what will drive you. One thing that all beauty school students have in common is a passion for beauty. As long as you share this passion for helping others feel beautiful, you will fit right in at beauty school.

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Pursue Your Passion

Asking yourself these questions puts you on the path to pursuing a fulfilling career. Utilize the skills you learned from your previous job to help you through school. Remember, it’s never too late to start your beauty education. Here at TSAOB, our programs include: cosmetology, esthetics, hairstyling, and laser. If one of these sounds like a program you would enjoy, get started with us today!

See Yourself Uplifting Others

We hear a common theme when we ask our students why they chose to pursue a career in beauty. Many of them have a passion for helping people. They want to make others feel beautiful. The main goals of cosmetology, hairstyling, and esthetics are to help people look and feel good. Beauty professionals spend their days uplifting others by building trusting relationships, boosting self esteem, and empowering people. Can you see yourself uplifting others as a beauty professional?

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All About Becoming a Laser Technician

Laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular, both as a career and as a personal service! If you’re looking for the opportunity to get started with a career in the beauty industry, becoming a certified laser technician could be the right choice for you! This course can provide the essentials for you to be a laser technician, and it can also be a great addition to an esthetics education. Either way, laser is a shorter and simpler way to get into the world of beauty! We’ll look at all of the basics you’ll need to know about getting started with your laser tech profession.
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Instagram Tips for the Modern Beauty Guru

Are you an aspiring or professional beauty guru? Whether you specialize in hair, makeup, lashes, or skincare, Instagram should be your go-to place for self-promotion. IG offers you the chance to put your work out there instantly, literally placing your work into the hands of your potential clients. If you want to tap into this social media craze, here are 5 tips to take your IG to the next level.

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Salon Feature: Rolfs Salon

The Studio Academy of Beauty is a proud supporter of our local community. We often host career fairs and presentations featuring the salons in the area. We like to see our students thriving in their hometowns. This month, we wanted to feature an amazing salon in the valley: Rolfs Salon! We had the chance to interview the president of Rolfs about their history, employment requirements, and their stance on education.

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