how much do you know about fashion week

New York Fashion Week: How Much Do You Know?

New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the beauty and fashion industry. Fashion gurus from around the globe flock to New York for this one week to get a glance into what the beauty industry will look like for the coming year. What do you know about Fashion Week? Take our quiz to test your Fashion Week knowledge.

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Oscar’s 2014

Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o were just two of many stars who came dressed in style this Oscar’s 2014. Two of the youngest and most talented actors on the scene. Jennifer won the Oscar for Best Actress in a feature film in 2013 and was nominated in 2014 for Best Supporting Actress. Lupita, a new face, beat out Jennifer in the race for Best Supporting actress with her outstanding performance in 12 Years a Slave.

Three Top Colors For 2014

Backstage at the spring runways, we learned a lot about concealer and Swarovski crystals. But amongst all the bare faces and bedazzling, we also came across a few standout new hues that we predict will be the year’s biggest trends. Read on for the products and tips to pull off 2014’s hottest makeup shades.

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Three Beauty Trends From NY Fashion Week Spring 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week a.k.a. New York Fashion Week, is easily the highlight of September. NYFW is the event that brings all fashion obsessors together in one glorious city and we all love every second of it. You can watch the live stream of about ten different shows if you can’t be there in person.

We noticed several amazing new beauty trends! We are beyond happy to see makeup that wasn’t neon-toned, since we all know that isn’t exactly wearable for every day, no matter what magazines say.

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The Benefits to a Short Haircut

Just about every woman on the planet can wear short hair. Period.
Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lawrence just to name a few.

For whatever reason you may not want to have short hair. You may absolutely love your long hair, but to say you can’t wear short hair is really not close to reality.

Finding a Short Haircut that Works: Be Honest With Yourself

The first step to short hair is to be honest with yourself about your hair and your face. Pull your hair back into a tight pony tail and look yourself dead in the mirror. Pick out the things you love about your face, and the things that you’d rather not admit existed.

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