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The students at the Studio Academy of Beauty always impress us with their spirit and passion for beauty. Hear what our students have to say about their experience with the school:


I just wanted to update you. I took my state board practical exams yesterday and I am SO impressed with my school! Our students were perfectly packed and prepared for the tests while other schools were messy and unprepared. I was already proud of the school I chose, but after yesterday? BEYOND ELATED!! You guys NAILED it. It was EXACTLY what we were taught. EXACTLY! Hats off to Shonna and Jamie and most of all, YOU!!

McKenna P. – Cosmetology

TestimonialsI developed great training and basic knowledge at The Studio and really appreciate their educational program. The Studio’s use of Redken as their main color brand especially helped me grow stronger as a stylist. I’m thankful that I attended this school!

Missy B. – Cosmetology

Missy B. – CosmetologyI am a graduate of The Studio and I can’t believe where I am today, as The Enzo Milano Representative for the State of Arizona. The Studio really gave me the confidence in myself to push forward in the beauty industry. With the amazing instructors and the support of the Administration, not to mention the lifelong friendships I have made.

Denise B. – Cosmetology

Denise B. - CosmetologyThe Studio has been exceptionally encouraging and has helped me make great decisions regarding my career choices. The staff has shown me and taught me what I needed to know for my future in the hair industry. I’m very grateful for everyone and more than willing to assist the school with any help they need.

Carolina N. – Cosmetology

Carolina N. - CosmetologyI’ve learned so much at The Studio. Thanks to the help of the instructors and director that always guided us in the right direction. I love you and thank you for making me believe in myself.

Paula M. – Cosmetology

Paula M. - CosmetologyI had a great team of instructors at The Studio Academy of Beauty! I learned so much and I implement the things I’ve learned everyday at my new salon Simply Ravishing Salon. A huge thanks to administration who helped me find the perfect job for me right after I graduated. My new salon is close to my home, extremely clean and friendly environment and part-time, which allows me ample time at home with my kids. This really has been a dream come true! Thank you.

Leeann O. – Cosmetology

Leeann O. - CosmetologyThe Studio Academy of Beauty is a great place. The teachers and staff are wonderful, I’ve learned so much from everyone. Thanks for your help; I will always remember my roots.

Kiara F. – Cosmetology

Kiara F. - CosmetologyThe Studio was a fantastic experience. I grew as a person and as a stylist. I appreciated my instructors and staff; I wouldn’t be the stylist I am without them!

Susan R. – Esthetics

Susan R. – EstheticsThe Studio offered a diverse learning environment for a broad scope of knowledge in the beauty industry. Their programs were flexible and I was able to adapt my program to fit my personal needs. I am appreciative for all the support I received during my program from staff, instructors and fellow classmates and the continued support, assistance and friendships I enjoy being an alumni of The Studio Academy of Beauty.

Jinia R. – Cosmetology

Jinia R. - CosmetologyBecause of this school and the insightful instructors who guided me on my journey of self-discovery and passion, I was able to go into my career with my head held high, and landed an outstanding job environment that fit my need to continuously learn and express myself through creativity, and love for helping others.

Kara W. – Cosmetology

Kara W. – CosmetologyI am so thankful I was able to find The Studio Academy of Beauty for Cosmetology! When I figured out I wanted to go back to school after being a stay at home mom for 10 years I did a lot of searching for the right school. I found TSAOB and was impressed right away. The main things that stood apart from other schools were the professionalism, dress code and a great administration team. During my time at The Studio I was able to experience different teachers and learned so much from each of them to help in my career path. Toward the end of my schooling we were able to have “Mock Board” sessions which were exactly like the real thing so it made taking the real thing less stressful.

While in school my husband and I were approached by a friend to purchase her salon. We decided it was something we didn’t want to pass up. We purchased Next Salon July 1, 2012 and I graduated on August 25. 2012. It was quite a transition for me but having the help from all of the amazing teachers and administration at TSAOB made it easier.
Thank you to everyone for all your support and guidance on my journey.

Danielle F. – Cosmetology

Danielle F. - CosmetologyThe Studio Academy of Beauty has been a member of my family and always will be. Thanks for the kick in the rear to show me that everything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it and not to take no as an answer. I love my career and owe it all to the wonderful staff at The Studio.

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